India’s first IOT, Clean Energy, 5G Enabled Smart Village

Our Template for Creating Energy Enabled Smart Villages

Vision For The Village

To transform rural India into a network of digitally empowered, clean energy-driven, and sustainable ‘Amrit Grams’, where every citizen enjoys easy access to essential services, economic opportunities, and a thriving environment. Our vision is to harness the potential of IoT and renewable energy to spur inclusive growth, fostering a future where rural prosperity contributes significantly to the nation’s overall development.

Identification Of Village

5000+ population

Agrarian Majority

Primary & Secondary School

Primary Healtcentre

Cattle Farming



We decide the Objectives for specific Village depending on the data gathered by our Analysis.

Our unwavering dedication lies in nurturing agricultural progress, empowering farmers, and advancing sustainable practices for a resilient and prosperous future.

Building the pillars of a smarter village, we are committed to providing quality education and accessible healthcare, equipping residents with the tools for a brighter future. 

We believe in the strength of unity, fostering inclusive participation, and igniting a sense of shared responsibility, so every individual contributes to the growth and well-being of their village.

Our mission is to empower villagers with entrepreneurial opportunities, enabling them to chart their own paths to financial independence.

From smart roads to efficient waste management, we aspire to craft modern, well-connected villages that embrace technology, convenience, and sustainability. 

We are committed to fostering green growth, reducing our carbon footprint, and creating villages where ecological harmony thrives.

The 7 Interventions & their Solutions


Water ATMs and water treatment plants have been set up for access to affordable clean water in the village. IOT monitoring of rural water supply schemes will ensure the scheme sustainability as well as accountability.


To increase yield and income, we are using solar cold storage, smart agri poles, IoT-based soil monitoring, Jio Krishi App, and Agri Drones to improve agriculture, store produce, monitor soil health, and use targeted drone technology to conserve water and insecticides.

The 7 Interventions & their Solutions


Harnessing renewable energy sources such as solar, wind, and biomass can provide a reliable and sustainable power supply to rural areas, reducing dependence on fossil fuels and minimizing carbon emissions.


Amrit Gram is implementing the latest IoT street lights, digital signages, and 5G connectivity to improve infrastructure and services for the community.


Amrit Gram is implementing e-age learning infrastructure in schools, including smart boards, computers, AR/VR sets, and other technical equipment to improve education services in the village.


Implemented cattle monitoring with real-time health monitoring to improve dairy and installed solar cold storage for storage during low demand with chilled solar chillers.


With 5G-enabled video conferencing and IoT-enabled medical devices, doctors can remotely diagnose and treat patients, reducing the need for travel and improving the overall quality of care.

Solutions For Each Intervention

Water Solutions

Crafting a blueprint for clean and accessible water, enriching lives in the heart of our villages.

Water purification / RO Plant / Water ATM

Harnessing the power of solar technology to ensure every drop is not just water but a promise of purity.

Last Mile Delivery

Bridging the gap between source and every household, creating pathways for pristine water to flow.

Source Sustainability

Rooted in community values, our holistic approach ensures that every source of water is a source of life, today and tomorrow.

Wastewater Management

Sewage treatment plants play a vital role in recycling wastewater from toilets into clean, drinkable water. Through a series of treatment stages, including preliminary filtration with JOHKASOU technology, they ensure water safety and sustainability.

Agriculture solutions

Providing farmers with innovative technologies to boost productivity, reduce losses, and enhance resilience.

Solar Cold Storage

Solar-powered cold storage solutions safeguard crops, reduce waste, and enhance food security.

Smart Agri Pole

Real-time insights into soil conditions empower farmers to make informed irrigation and crop management decisions.

IoT-based Soil Monitoring

Data-driven precision in soil management optimizes nutrient and moisture levels, elevating crop yields and quality.

Jio Krishi App

Weather data from agri poles revolutionizes agriculture with climate-smart practices, increasing productivity and resilience.

Agri Drones

Efficient and precise crop protection with agri drones minimizes environmental impact and ensures a bountiful harvest for farmers.

Infra Solutions

Innovative infrastructure solutions for agriculture, increasing productivity and sustainability in rural landscapes.

IoT Streetlights

IoT-driven street lights illuminate the way, enhancing security and optimizing energy consumption across the fields.

Digital Signages

Bridging information gaps, digital signages bring essential knowledge to the heart of villages, creating awareness and economic opportunities.

Healthcare Solutions

Our comprehensive healthcare solutions aim to create a robust ecosystem, ensuring well-being is a fundamental right for rural residents.

Digital PHC

Our advanced Digital PHC integrates telemedicine services, leveraging technology for improved healthcare accessibility and patient empowerment

Medicine Vending Machines

Convenience at your fingertips, vending machines ensure 24/7 access to essential medications, promoting well-being in every village.

Education Solutions

 Our holistic approach to education combines modern tools and innovative techniques, promoting engaging and effective learning experiences in rural India.

Digital Classroom

Embracing cutting-edge technologies like AR, VR, and tablets, we’re reshaping rural education to enhance learning experiences and overcome resource limitations.

Solar AC Classroom

Fusing sustainability with education, our Solar AC Classrooms offer a comfortable, eco-friendly atmosphere that improves student performance by 15% and elevates the younger generation’s engagement by 60%.

Dairy Solutions

Our dairy initiatives encompass innovative technologies, maximizing cattle productivity, health, and milk quality for thriving rural dairy sectors.

Cattle Monitoring

We’ve ushered in a high-tech era of cattle management, offering timely heat detection, optimized artificial insemination, early health issue detection, and precise milk yield tracking to boost dairy efficiency.

Solar Milk Chiller

Improving milk quality and reducing energy costs, our solar milk chillers minimize spoilage and bacterial growth, ensuring fresh, high-quality dairy products while promoting sustainability in the dairy sector.

Energy Solutions

Our energy initiatives revolutionize rural power supply, ensuring consistent, reliable electricity to uplift the quality of life for rural communities.

Solar Pumping

A reliable and sustainable water supply solution, solar pumping addresses challenges faced by rural households, facilitating efficient water extraction for irrigation, livestock watering, and household needs.

Solar Microgrids

Providing consistent, reliable electricity, our solar microgrids tackle rural energy challenges, curtailing power outages, and improving the well-being of rural inhabitants.

District transformer IoT monitoring

Real-time insights into power grid performance, enabling efficient management and minimizing disruptions.

Not A Destination,

But A Journey

Continuous evaluation and analysis gives scope of new solutions overtime, This enables Smart Village to evolve continuously.

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