India’s first IOT, Clean Energy, 5G Enabled

Smart Village

With the vision of Making Bharat Future Ready with Amrit Gram, Rite Water aspires to redefine the future of rural India by providing access to advanced technologies and services, ensuring a better quality of life for millions of people.

Rite Water is excited to introduce Amrit Gram™, a ground-breaking concept aimed at creating self-sufficient, self-sustaining, and future-ready model villages in India, to the recipient. This initiative is aligned with the vision of the Honorable Prime Minister of India, Shri Narendra Modi, for a utopian golden period in India called “Amrit Kaal.”

India’s rural population, which accounts for 65% of the country’s total population, is spread across more than 6 lakh villages and still lacks basic essentials such as water, electricity, education, and healthcare.

Building on its success in delivering clean water, Rite Water along with JIO, India’s largest digital company, and Selco Foundation now aims to transform rural infrastructure by utilizing the power of 5G and IoT technologies. The collective goal is to implement internet-ready and IoT mechanisms to revamp existing infrastructure in rural areas, making it more efficient, accessible, and sustainable. With Amrit Gram, Rite Water aspires to redefine the future of rural India by providing access to advanced technologies and services, ensuring a better quality of life for millions of people.

About Bhugaon

India’s first IOT, Clean Energy,5G Enabled Smart Village

Bhugaon is a typical Indian rural village having history of agriculture and allied activities like animal husbandry, Bhugaon has irrigated and fertile soil producing vegetables and grains in all seasons.

It is located in Kamptee tehsil of Nagpur district, It is situated 26km from the district headquarters in Nagpur. It is a gram panchayat. Bhugaon is well connected by highways network and it takes about 40 minutes to reach from Nagpur.

The total geographical area of village is 810.09 hectares. Bhugaon has a total population of 6,500 peoples. There are about 1350 houses in bhugaon village.

Households main source of Income is Agriculture
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Total population
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The education Literacy rate of Bhugaon village
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Making Bharat Future Ready

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The 7 Interventions & their Solutions


Water ATMs and water treatment plants have been set up for access to affordable clean water in the village. IOT monitoring of rural water supply schemes will ensure the scheme sustainability as well as accountability.


To increase yield and income, we are using solar cold storage, smart agri poles, IoT-based soil monitoring, Jio Krishi App, and Agri Drones to improve agriculture, store produce, monitor soil health, and use targeted drone technology to conserve water and insecticides.

The 7 Interventions & their Solutions


Harnessing renewable energy sources such as solar, wind, and biomass can provide a reliable and sustainable power supply to rural areas, reducing dependence on fossil fuels and minimizing carbon emissions.


Amrit Gram is implementing the latest IoT street lights, digital signages, and 5G connectivity to improve infrastructure and services for the community.


Amrit Gram is implementing e-age learning infrastructure in schools, including smart boards, computers, AR/VR sets, and other technical equipment to improve education services in the village.


Implemented cattle monitoring with real-time health monitoring to improve dairy and installed solar cold storage for storage during low demand with chilled solar chillers.


With 5G-enabled video conferencing and IoT-enabled medical devices, doctors can remotely diagnose and treat patients, reducing the need for travel and improving the overall quality of care.

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