Water ATM/Purification

A Sustainable Solution For food Security And Preservation


Name: Shubhangi Mahendra Sonsare

Location : Bhugaon , Maharashtra

The Problems

Bhugaon village faced significant health challenges due to contaminated water. The local water sources contained pathogens and impurities, leading to frequent water-borne diseases among residents. This resulted in a high incidence of stomach infections and related health issues, affecting the overall well-being of the community.

The Solution

Five years ago, Amrit Gram addressed this issue by installing a water filter system in Bhugaon. The water filter, known as the Water ATM system, was designed to provide clean, safe drinking water to the villagers at an affordable price.

The Impact

The installation of the Water ATM system brought about a significant improvement in the health of Bhugaon residents. Since its implementation:

  • There has been a marked decrease in water-borne diseases.
  • Residents, including Shubhangi Mahendra Sonsare and her family, have reported a complete cessation of stomach infections.
  • The filtered water has ensured that children, like Shubhangi’s son, no longer suffer from frequent infections, enhancing their overall health and quality of life.
  • The economic advantages further highlight how affordable access to clean water can alleviate financial burdens on rural households.
  • A total of 38.836 kL of water has been used via the Water ATM.



Shubhangi Mahendra Sonsare

I am Shubhangi Mahendra Sonsare, resident of Bhugaon. I work on the post as part of Maharashtra Rural Zilla Mission. About 5 years ago, Amrit Gram installed a water filter in Bhugaon. I have been taking water from here ever since, and we have not contracted any stomach diseases. Previously, our village water contained pathogens and impurities, leading to frequent water-borne diseases. Since using the filtered water, infections have significantly decreased. My son used to frequently suffer from infections, but since we started using filtered water, the infections have stopped. Hence, we thank Amrit Gram. Additionally, the water here is very affordable: 20 liters for 5 Rs, compared to 1 liter for 20 Rs outside. I urge all villagers to get their water from here.

Benefits of Implementation in Rural Areas:

Health Improvements: The clean water provided by the Water ATM has drastically reduced the prevalence of water-borne diseases, leading to healthier communities.

Affordability: The water is highly affordable, costing only 5 Rs for 20 liters, compared to 20 Rs for a single liter of bottled water. This makes safe drinking water accessible to all residents.

Community Awareness: The success of the Water ATM system has encouraged residents to prioritize safe drinking water, fostering a culture of health consciousness in the village.

Economic Relief: By reducing the incidence of diseases, the system has lowered medical expenses for families, allowing them to allocate resources to other essential needs.


This case illustrates the profound impact that access to clean, affordable water can have on rural communities. Amrit Gram has not only improved public health but also provided economic relief to villagers. This success story serves as a model for other rural areas facing similar challenges.