Solar Cold Storage

A Sustainable Solution For food Security And Preservation

Name: Nikhil Pandulke Nirgulkar

Location : Bhugaon , Maharashtra

The Problems

Farmers in Bhugaon faced significant challenges in preserving their produce, especially during the hot summer months. The high temperatures often led to rapid spoilage of harvested vegetables, resulting in financial losses and reduced quality of produce available for sale.

The Solution

To address this issue, a Cold Storage Facility was recently built in Bhugaon through the Amrit Gram initiative. This facility provides a controlled environment to store harvested vegetables, ensuring they remain fresh for extended periods.

The Impact

The Cold Storage Facility has brought substantial benefits to the farmers of Bhugaon

  • Extended Freshness: Vegetables stored in the facility retain their freshness for 2-3 days, reducing spoilage and maintaining quality.
  • Increased Sales: With fresher produce, farmers can achieve better market prices and higher sales.
  • Community Benefits: The facility supports approximately 300-400 farmers who use it regularly, storing between 1,200-1,300 crates since its installation.


Nikhil Pandulke Nimburkar

“I am a young farmer growing vegetables like Bhendi, Chawali, and Waange. With the increasing summer temperatures, we use the Cold Storage facility to keep our harvest fresh. This has been immensely beneficial, not only for me but for many other farmers in our village.”

Aakash Ramdaji Bedre

“As a Gram Panchayat member and operator of the Cold Storage Facility, I have seen its tremendous impact. Since its installation, we’ve stored around 1,200-1,300 crates, keeping the produce fresh for up to 3 days. During peak seasons, the facility is heavily used, benefiting 300-400 farmers. Our vegetables, sold through Amrit Gram’s vehicle in Nagpur, are praised for their quality. We are deeply grateful to Amrit Gram for this valuable facility.”

Benefits of Implementation in Rural Areas

Improved Quality: The facility helps maintain the quality of vegetables, making them more attractive to buyers.

Reduced Waste: Extended freshness periods reduce spoilage, leading to less waste and higher profits for farmers.

Economic Upliftment: With better market prices and consistent quality, farmers see improved financial stability.

Community Support: The facility supports a large number of local farmers, fostering a sense of community and shared resources.


The Cold Storage Facility in Bhugaon, established through the Amrit Gram initiative, has significantly improved the livelihood of local farmers by preserving the freshness of their produce and reducing spoilage. This facility has enabled farmers to achieve better market prices and reduced financial losses, showcasing the importance of infrastructure development in rural areas. The success of this initiative serves as a model for similar communities, highlighting the benefits of accessible and efficient storage solutions in enhancing agricultural productivity and sustainability.