E-PHC 2.0

A Sustainable Solution For food Security And Preservation


Name: Jitu Ravinda Meherkule

Location : Bhugaon , Maharashtra

The Problems

Residents of Bhugaon, located in the Kampthee tehsil of Nagpur district, faced significant challenges in accessing timely and affordable healthcare. The nearest city, Nagpur, is far, requiring substantial travel time and expenses for medical consultations and treatments. This lack of local healthcare facilities resulted in delayed medical attention and increased financial burdens on the villagers.

The Solution

Through the Amrit Gram Project, a Digital PHC (Primary Health Center) Unit was installed in Bhugaon PHC. This unit provides online medical consultations, ECG monitoring, and immediate access to specialist advice. The initiative aims to bring advanced medical services directly to the village, eliminating the need for travel and reducing healthcare costs for residents.

The Impact

The implementation of the Digital PHC Unit has had a profound impact on the healthcare access and quality for Bhugaon residents:

  • Enhanced Access to Medical Services: Villagers now receive timely medical consultations and specialist advice without leaving the village.
  • Cost and Time Savings: The need for travel to Nagpur has been significantly reduced, saving residents 1,878 hours and nearly ₹1,43,700 to date.
  • Improved Health Outcomes: The availability of immediate medical attention and appropriate medications has led to better health outcomes and quicker recovery times.


Jitu Ravinda Maherkude

“My name is Jitu Ravinda Maherkude, a resident of Bhugaon. Thanks to the Amrit Gram Project, we now have access to online medical consultations and ECG monitoring at our local PHC. Recently, I experienced severe chest pain and received an online consultation with a doctor, who prescribed the necessary medicines. The treatment was effective, and I avoided additional travel and costs. This service has been extremely beneficial, providing us with timely and free medical care. On behalf of my fellow villagers, I extend my heartfelt thanks to Amrit Gram.”

Benefits of Implementation in Rural Areas

Accessibility: The Digital PHC Unit brings essential healthcare services directly to rural areas, ensuring that residents have access to medical care without the need for long-distance travel.

Economic Savings: By reducing travel expenses and providing free consultations, the initiative eases the financial burden on rural residents.

Time Efficiency: The reduction in travel time allows residents to receive medical care promptly, improving their overall health and well-being.

Comprehensive Care: The inclusion of ECG monitoring and specialist consultations enhances the quality of care available in rural areas, addressing a broader range of medical needs.


The installation of the Digital PHC Unit in Bhugaon through the Amrit Gram Project has significantly improved healthcare access and quality for the village’s residents. By providing online consultations, ECG monitoring, and timely medical advice, the initiative has saved time, reduced costs, and enhanced health outcomes for the community. This case study highlights the importance of digital healthcare solutions in rural areas and underscores the transformative impact of such initiatives on the lives of rural residents. The success in Bhugaon serves as a model for similar implementations in other underserved communities, demonstrating the potential for widespread benefits.