Digital PHC (E-PHC)

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Name: Pratiksha Ramteke

Location : Bhugaon , Maharashtra

The Problems

Residents of Bhugaon faced significant challenges in accessing medical consultations and specialist advice. The nearest city, Nagpur, is approximately 1 to 1.5 hours away, resulting in considerable time and money spent on travel and doctor fees. This situation led to delays in receiving medical attention and increased financial burdens on the villagers.

The Solution

Through the efforts of Amrit Gram, a Digital PHC (Primary Health Center) Unit was installed in Bhugaon. This unit enables online consultations and advice from doctors, providing remote access to healthcare services directly within the village.

The Impact

The introduction of the Digital PHC Unit has brought substantial improvements to healthcare access and quality for Bhugaon residents. Key impacts include:

  • Time Savings: Villagers no longer need to travel long distances for medical consultations, significantly reducing travel time.
  • Cost Savings: The reduced need for travel and lower consultation fees save money for the residents.
  • Improved Access: Specialist consultations, which were previously difficult to obtain without traveling to Nagpur, are now readily available within the village.
  • Enhanced Health Outcomes: With quicker and easier access to medical advice, residents can address health issues promptly, leading to better overall health.

A total of 298 patients have availed the benefits of the E-PHC, saving a total of 1,38,400 Rs and 1,788 Hours of travel.


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Pratiksha Ramteke

“My name is Pratiksha Ramteke, and I reside in Bhugaon. Thanks to Amrit Gram, we have a Digital PHC Unit at our local PHC. This unit allows us to have online consultations with doctors, saving us both time and money. Previously, it took 1 to 1.5 hours to travel to Nagpur for a doctor’s visit, but now we receive the same quality of care right here in our village. This initiative has greatly benefited us by providing specialist consultations without the need to travel. Thank you, Amrit Gram!”

Benefits of Implementation in Rural Areas

Accessibility: Provides remote and convenient access to medical consultations and specialist advice.

Economic Savings: Reduces travel costs and associated expenses for rural residents.

Time Efficiency: Minimizes the time spent traveling to distant healthcare facilities.

Healthcare Improvement: Enhances the quality and timeliness of medical care, leading to better health outcomes.


The implementation of the Digital PHC Unit in Bhugaon by Amrit Gram has revolutionized healthcare access for the village. By providing online medical consultations and specialist advice, the unit has saved residents significant time and money, while improving overall health outcomes. This case study demonstrates the profound impact of digital healthcare solutions in rural areas, highlighting the importance of continued support and expansion of such initiatives to enhance healthcare accessibility and quality across remote communities.