Digital Classroom

A Sustainable Solution For food Security And Preservation

Name: Baba Devaraj Gayadane

Location : Bhugaon , Maharashtra

The Problems

In the schools of Bhugaon, there exists a significant technological gap compared to urban counterparts like Nagpur. The lack of modern infrastructure, such as computers, deprives students of exposure to contemporary technology. This disparity hinders their ability to develop essential skills and creative thinking, placing them at a disadvantage compared to their peers with better access. Consequently, this limitation restricts their educational opportunities and potential for transformative life changes.

The Solution

Through the Amrit Gram Project, VR headsets and display screens were provided to the school, enhancing educational experiences and opportunities for students.

The Impact

The provision of VR headsets and display screens through the Amrit Gram Project has had a significant impact:

  • Enhanced Learning Experiences: Students now have access to immersive virtual reality experiences, which enriches their understanding of complex subjects and fosters deeper engagement in learning.
  • Technological Exposure: Introduction to modern technology such as VR headsets stimulates curiosity and creativity among students, preparing them for the digital age.
  • Improved Educational Outcomes: Interactive learning through VR enhances retention and comprehension, leading to improved academic performance.
  • Inspiration and Motivation: Access to advanced educational tools inspires students to explore new ideas and career paths, broadening their horizons.


Solar Cold Storage

Baba Devaraj Gayadane

Namaskar, my full name is Baba Devaraj Gayadane, I am from Bhugaon, Nagpur district. By profession I’m an Farmer. In our farm, we grow apple gourd, Cluster beans, bottle gourd, Ladyfinger etc. Before this, we used to keep the vegetables at home if the market was closed. But now, Solar Cold Storage has been installed at our Village by Vaishali Gyan Foundation. Because of this, we can store our goods here and if we store the goods for a day or two, there is no difference in quality. The price of the goods is the same as that of fresh goods. So, we have benefited a lot from this. Thank you very much for providing us this facility

Benefits of Implementation in Rural Areas

Equal Access to Technology: Bridging the digital divide by providing rural students with cutting-edge technology that is typically accessible only in urban schools.

Empowerment of Students: Equipping students with digital skills and exposure to VR technology empowers them to compete on a global level.

Community Development: Strengthening educational infrastructure in rural areas contributes to overall community development and economic growth.

Future Readiness: Preparing students for future careers in technology and innovation, thereby enhancing their employability and socio-economic prospects.


The introduction of VR headsets and display screens by the Amrit Gram Project signifies a transformative step towards enhancing educational quality and opportunities in rural areas like Bhugaon. By providing access to modern educational tools, this initiative not only enriches learning experiences but also empowers students with essential digital skills. As a result, Amrit Gram’s efforts are instrumental in narrowing the educational gap between rural and urban communities, paving the way for inclusive growth and development. This project stands as a testament to the potential of technology to revolutionize education and empower the next generation of rural learners.