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Name: Ram Jadhavrao Wanjari

Location : Bhugaon , Maharashtra

The Problems

In rural farming communities, managing cattle health and productivity efficiently poses significant challenges. Traditional methods of monitoring cattle health, pregnancy status, and milking schedules are labor-intensive and prone to human error, leading to delayed responses to health issues and suboptimal management practices. Farmers need a reliable, real-time system to monitor their cattle effectively, ensuring timely interventions and improving overall farm productivity and cattle well-being.

The Solution

Ram Jadhavrao Wanjari installed the Amrit Gram Cattle Monitoring System, which provides real-time alerts via a mobile app. The system monitors various aspects of cattle health and management, including location, pregnancy status, milking schedules, and medical issues.

The Impact

The Amit Gram Cattle Monitoring System empowers the user with essential features for streamlined cattle management. It tracks cows' locations to prevent wandering, alerts the user of pregnancies for timely care, regulates milking schedules post-calving, and sends prompt health alerts for issues like fevers or dry-ups. This proactive approach enhances overall cattle health and productivity on the farm.


Solar Cold Storage

Ram Jadhavrao Wanjari

My name is Ram Jadhavrao Wanjari. I installed the Amrit Gram Cattle Monitoring System. Now, I receive timely alerts on my phone for cow locations, pregnancies, milking schedules, and health issues like dry-ups or fevers. I urge all farmers to use the “Gau-Samruddhi” app and express my gratitude to Amrit Gram. Thank you.

Benefits Of Solar Cold Storage In Rural Areas

Farmers utilizing the system can take better and timely care of the cows. Often the rural areas have limited treatment available for farm animals. Thus when any serious health issue is detected, it causes a huge emotional and financial loss to the farmer. Since the device can inform the farmer way early, suitable action can be taken for cure.

Reduces post-harvest spoilage of vegetables, leading to increased income for farmers and reduced food wastage.


The implementation of the Amrit Gram Cattle Monitoring System has significantly benefited Ram Jadhavrao Wanjari’’s farm by providing real-time data and alerts, improving cattle health, and streamlining farm operations. This case study highlights the potential of such systems to transform cattle management practices in rural farming communities.