Solar Agri Pole

Agri-Pole System

A Sustainable Solution For food Security And Preservation


Name: Devendra Gangadas Wanjari

Location : Bhugaon , Maharashtra

The Problems

Farmers in Bhugaon, tehsil Kamthi, zilla Nagpur, faced significant challenges in optimizing their agricultural practices. Key issues included determining the right amount of fertilization, optimal watering schedules, timely pest and disease management, and accurate weather predictions. These uncertainties often led to suboptimal crop yields and financial losses.

The Solution

Through the Amrit Gram initiative, Agri-Poles were installed on farms in Bhugaon. These Agri-Poles are advanced devices that provide real-time data and insights on various agricultural parameters such as soil fertilization needs, watering schedules, pest and disease identification, and weather forecasts. The data is accessible via mobile apps, allowing farmers to make informed decisions to optimize their farming practices.

The Impact

The implementation of Agri-Poles has brought substantial improvements to farming practices and outcomes in Bhugaon:

Optimized Fertilization and Watering: Farmers receive precise information on soil fertilization needs and optimal watering times, leading to better crop health and yields.

Effective Pest and Disease Management: The system provides timely alerts on pest and disease occurrences, including recommended treatments, enabling prompt action and reducing crop losses.

Weather Forecasting: Real-time weather data helps farmers prepare for and mitigate the impact of adverse weather conditions.

Cost Savings: By using the precise data provided by Agri-Poles, farmers save on unnecessary inputs and reduce losses, improving their overall profitability.


Rahul Pramodji Mehar

Namaskar, my full name is Baba Devaraj Gayadane, I am from Bhugaon, Nagpur district. By profession I’m an Farmer. In our farm, we grow apple gourd, Cluster beans, bottle gourd, Ladyfinger etc. Before this, we used to keep the vegetables at home if the market was closed. But now, Solar Cold Storage has been installed at our Village by Vaishali Gyan Foundation. Because of this, we can store our goods here and if we store the goods for a day or two, there is no difference in quality. The price of the goods is the same as that of fresh goods. So, we have benefited a lot from this. Thank you very much for providing us this facility

Devendra Gangadas Wanjari

“Thanks to the Agri-Pole installed on my farm, I get updates on when and how much water to give to my chili crops and receive alerts about pest attacks and weather changes on my mobile phone. This has greatly improved my yield compared to last year. I highly recommend other farmers install Agri-Poles. Thank you, Amrit Gram.”

Benefits of Implementation in Rural Areas

Enhanced Agricultural Productivity: Real-time data and insights help farmers optimize their practices, leading to higher yields and better-quality produce.

Economic Savings: Accurate information reduces unnecessary expenditure on fertilizers, pesticides, and other inputs.

Informed Decision-Making: Farmers can make timely and informed decisions regarding crop management, pest control, and harvesting.

Improved Resilience: Advanced weather forecasting and pest alerts help farmers mitigate risks and enhance the resilience of their farming operations.


The installation of Agri-Poles through the Amrit Gram initiative has significantly transformed agricultural practices in Bhugaon. By providing farmers with critical real-time data, these devices have optimized fertilization, watering, and pest management, leading to improved crop yields and reduced costs. The success of Agri-Poles in Bhugaon highlights the potential for widespread benefits in rural farming communities, demonstrating a model for enhancing agricultural productivity and sustainability.