A Sustainable Solution For food Security And Preservation

Name: Kailash Ishwar Wanjari

Location : Bhugaon , Maharashtra

The Problems

The current methods of pesticide application, whether by hand or using traditional spray equipment, are highly time-consuming and labor-intensive. This inefficiency in pesticide spraying poses significant challenges in terms of labor costs, time management, and consistent coverage, leading to potential drawbacks in agricultural productivity and the effectiveness of pest control. To address these issues, a more efficient and automated solution is required to optimize the pesticide application process, reducing the manual effort involved and ensuring uniform distribution across agricultural fields.

The Solution

An Agri-Drone was introduced, providing a remotely controlled method for pesticide application. This innovation significantly increased the speed and efficiency of spraying due to the drone's higher mobility, reducing the time and effort required compared to traditional hand or spray methods. The use of the Agri-Drone ensured more consistent coverage and enhanced overall productivity in pest control operations.

The Impact

The implementation of the Agri-Drone has significantly accelerated the pesticide application process, reducing the physical strain on farmers. By ensuring that the concentrated pesticide remains away from the handler's body, it enhances safety and health conditions. Additionally, the increased efficiency and automation of the process have made farmers less dependent on manual labor, leading to greater autonomy and potentially lower labor costs.


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Kailash Ishwar Wanjari

My name is Kailash Ishwar Wanjari, and I reside in Bhugaon. Thanks to Amrit Gram, we now use drones for spraying pesticides over our 2-acre area, which takes about an hour. The drones provide efficient and thorough coverage, saving time and reducing stress. Compared to using a simple pump or power spray, the agri-drones deliver far better results without any losses. The workers who previously handled spraying also see significant benefits with this drone technology.

Benefits of implementation in rural areas

Cost Savings: Farmers save money by not needing to purchase individual spraying machines or hire handlers, significantly reducing overall expenses.

Time Efficiency: The Agri-Drone's faster spraying capabilities drastically cut down the time required for pesticide application.

Technology Adoption: Introducing farmers to advanced technology fosters innovation and encourages further technological developments in agricultural practices.

Health and Safety: The use of Agri-Drones protects handlers from direct contact with harmful chemicals, reducing the risk of poisoning and promoting safer working conditions.


The implementation of Agri-Drones in rural areas presents numerous benefits, significantly transforming traditional pesticide application methods. By reducing costs, increasing efficiency, and promoting health and safety, these drones provide a viable and advanced solution for farmers. Moreover, the introduction of such technology fosters a culture of innovation, encouraging further advancements in agricultural practices. Overall, Agri-Drones not only enhance productivity and safety but also pave the way for a more sustainable and technologically adept agricultural future.