Solar Cold Storage

A Sustainable Solution Forfood Security And Preservation

Name: Baba Devaraj Gayadane

Location : Bhugaon , Maharashtra

The Problems

Baba Devaraj Gayadane was facing significantlosses due to post-harvest spoilage of vegetables. The villagedid not have access to a reliable and affordable source ofelectricity, making it difficult to operate a conventional coldstorage facility. Distress due to inavailability of considerableprofit for sustainability

The Solution

Installation of solar-powered cold storage facilitywith the support of Vaishali Gan Foundation. The facility usessolar panels to generate electricity, which is then used topower the cold storage unit.

The Impact

Rate of spoilage of produced yield drastically reduced,considerable profits generated due to excellent quality madeavailable to the market, all thanks to the Solar Cold Storagesituated close to the farms, as well as regular updatesregarding the freshness of the produce, and also regardingfurther steps to be taken via Coldtivate

Benefits Of Solar Cold Storage In Rural Areas

Reduces post-harvest spoilage of vegetables, leading toincreased income for farmers and reduced food wastage.

Creates jobs in the village and boosts the local economy

Reduces reliance on fossil fuels and greenhouse gasemissions.

Provides a reliable and affordable source of cold storage forfarmers, even in areas without access to grid electricity.

Namaskar, my full name is Baba Devaraj Gayadane, I am from Bhugaon, Nagpurdistrict. By profession I’m an Farmer. In our farm, we grow apple gourd, Clusterbeans, bottle gourd, Ladyfinger etc. Before this, we used to keep the vegetables athome if the market was closed. But now, Solar Cold Storage has been installed at ourVillage by Vaishali Gyan Foundation. Because of this, we can store our goods hereand if we store the goods for a day or two, there is no difference in quality. The priceof the goods is the same as that of fresh goods. So, we have benefited a lot from this.Thank you very much for providing us this facility.

Baba Devaraj Gayadane


Solar cold storage is a viable and sustainable solution forreducing post-harvest spoilage and improving the lives offarmers in rural areas. It is a technology that is worth investing in,and it can play a significant role in improving food security andrural development.